Full Trailer for our new film LAS VEGAS STORY is now here! Please share and support! Premiering next month in NYC!

Our new movie! LAS VEGAS STORY!  Please reblog!

We are giving away a free access code to watch our documentary film RASKAL LOVE in honor of Vanna Fut’s bday!  Click on the link to receive your access code.

November 8th 9:00pm @ UCSD Price Center Theater

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Our new Kickstarter Campaign has officially Launched!

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Raskal Love Premiere at 2013 LA Asian Pacific Film Festival!

Click on the link to view the program! We’re premiering on Wed May 8th and another screening on Saturday May 11th


Official Trailer for “Raskal Love”.  Feature documentary film coming summer 2013!

While traveling in South America, I decided to make a short film with some friends in Argentina.  I only had my Go Pro and nothing else, so that’s what we shot it on.  This was made with no script, all improv, non professional actors, and in Spanish!  It was a lot of fun even though I had the stomach flu (ughhh, horrible).  Enjoy the film! Tchau!